En Pointe

  • Ballet

    Logo2Royal Academy of Dance Classical Ballet

    At En Pointe Dance Academy we teach the Royal Academy of Dance syllabi. The R.A.D is one of the largest and most influential dance education and training organisations in the world. These classes develop your classical technique and posture; give you strength and flexibility; and of course beautiful graceful movement. Ballet can be learnt for these purposes only or students can choose to do an exam. Examinations are held annually usually in October.
  • Jazz and Tap

    Logo2Australasian Dance Association Jazz and Tap

    (ADA) Examination Syllabus is taught throughout Australia, Malaysia and South Africa. It has been established since 1931, making it the longest established dance organisation in the Southern Hemisphere. Students’ progress through the grades of Pre Primary to Supreme, and are then able to study for teaching qualifications in both Jazz and Tap dance. Examinations are available and are held annually usually in October.
  • Lyrical/Contemporary

    Logo2Lyrical is a dance style that centres on a dancer's own interpretations instead of structured steps, as in traditional ballet dancing. It is fluid and lyrical and requires strength and flexibility. Contemporary choreography is often considered to be different and experimental. It has a very broad and creative vocabulary, and contains movements that are both static and dynamic, lyrical and athletic, that invert, twist expand and contract. The boundaries of contemporary dance are limitless!
  • Hip Hop

    Logo2Hip Hop dancing, sometimes called street dance, covers a wide range of styles, including dances that have often been associated with hip hop culture, to those that are merely performed to the music. Hip Hop styles include break dance, pop and lock and krumping.

Petite Pointe Club

  • Little Leapers – Grown Up and Me

    The Little Leapers Program is focused on the introduction of movement in your child’s development whilst having fun and spending time together. Whether it's flying in outer space 🌟, going to the circus 🎪, playing in the park 🌳, dancing like the animals in the zoo 🐨, or growing a magical garden 🌈, your child will be captivated when they attend a class with the Leap N Learn, Little Leapers Program!

    Grown-ups, you will be amazed at how useful each lesson is to your child's development and love every second of class as YOU share many smiles and giggles with your little one. Please look for Little Leapers on the timetable.

  • Leap ‘N Learn 3 Year Olds

    On your child's 3rd birthday we will welcome them to our Leap 'N Learn 3 year old Class! Mummy can watch their little ballerina grow as she develops a stronger understanding of the basic ballet technique. Our specialised 3 year old program from Leap 'n Learn will be perfect for the budding ballerina or the energetic dancer! Please look for Tiny Ballet on the timetable.
  • Leap ‘N Learn 4 year olds

    Leap N Learn When your child turns 4 they can join Leap 'N Learn 4 year old class. We have incorporated Leap 'N Learn into our program to give our dancers the very best preparation for years of ballet to come. Your child will leap, turn, imagine and be so inspired to continue lesson after lesson! Please look for Petite Dance on the timetable