Welcome to the Petite Pointe Club

We are so excited to welcome you to our club! Petite Pointe Club is the Pre School for En Pointe Dance Academy; “Building Friendships Through Dance”

The Petite Pointe Club is the perfect place for your ballerina to dance, with classes for baby ballerinas from 2 years of age up to 5 years of age! Beautiful beginner ballet lessons, taught by our Early Childhood trained specialist teachers.

Petite Pointe Club classes are run at our gorgeous purpose built dance studio 9a Resolution Drive, Caringbah on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Mornings.


  • Little Leapers – Grown Up and Me

    The Little Leapers Program is focused on the introduction of movement in your child’s development whilst having fun and spending time together. Whether it's flying in outer space 🌟, going to the circus 🎪, playing in the park 🌳, dancing like the animals in the zoo 🐨, or growing a magical garden 🌈, your child will be captivated when they attend a class with the Leap N Learn, Little Leapers Program!

    Grown-ups, you will be amazed at how useful each lesson is to your child's development and love every second of class as YOU share many smiles and giggles with your little one.

  • Leap ‘N Learn 3 Year Olds

    On your child's 3rd birthday we will welcome them to our Leap 'N Learn 3 year old Class! Mummy can watch their little ballerina grow as she develops a stronger understanding of the basic ballet technique. Our specialised 3 year old program from Leap 'n Learn will be perfect for the budding ballerina or the energetic dancer! Please look for Tiny Ballet on the timetable
  • Leap ‘N Learn 4 year olds

    When your child turns 4 they can join Leap 'N Learn 4 year old class. We have incorporated Leap 'N Learn into our program to give our dancers the very best preparation for years of ballet to come. Your child will leap, turn, imagine and be so inspired to continue lesson after lesson! Please look for Petite Dance on the timetable

Click Here to View our Timetable We have classes on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Morning.


  • When are your classes?

    We have classes on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Click Here to view our current timetable

  • What Class Is Right For Me?

    Little Leapers – Grown Up and Me 2 years

    Leap ‘N Learn 3 years

    Leap ‘N Learn  4 years

    Pre Primary 5 years

    Ages are at 1st Jan
  • What do we wear?

    We want you to feel part of the club so we have this gorgeous “Baby Frill” leotard! It is so comfortable and the quality is great! We also require our ballerinas to wear ballet tights and pink ballet shoes. All of these requirements are available to purchase from our studio uniform shop!

  • Do you do "real" ballet?

    All our classes are designed with your Petite Dancer in mind. Our classes teach age appropriate moves to age appropriate music. You will see plies, pointed toes, leaps, twirls, and much more!

    Our Little Leapers Grown up and Me class encourages movement through dance and develops children’s cognitive, social and gross motor development. Whether flying in outer space, going to the circus, playing in the park, dancing like the animals in the zoo, or growing a magical garden, each child will be captivated when they attend class at your studio.  Grown-ups will be amazed at how useful each lesson is to their child’s development and love every second of class as they share many smiles and giggles with their little one.

    Our 3 – 5 year old classes incorporate the Leap ‘N Learn Curriculum. Leap ‘N Learn is an effective, safe, progressive, and developmentally appropriate dance program for creative movement to beginning ballet. Designed by master teacher Beverly Spell and expert child psychologist Dr. Annie Spell, the curriculums combine the healthiest practices for teaching children ballet technique, while simultaneously encouraging pretend play amongst the youngest students to maintain a positive and nurturing environment.

    Capitalising on the naturally occurring cognitive and neural development of children, the Leap ‘N Learn curriculum provides tools and shares knowledge necessary for the creation of a successful learning environment. Through an appreciation and utilisation of natural development, students in a Leap ‘N Learn program will acquire motor, cognitive, and social skills beneficial for life.

    We are the only studio in the Sutherland Shire to offer this comprehensive and age appropriate beginner ballet program.

  • Are your teachers qualified?

    Yes! All our teachers hold qualifications in our relevant styles. Most of our teachers are University Trained Primary or Early Childhood teachers. Miss Natalie designed our beautiful program and is an Early Childhood Teacher with a Master of Teaching (early childhood). She is also a Registered Teacher with the Royal Academy of Dance, Australasian Dance Association and the Australian Teachers of Dance.

    Miss Natalie and Miss Hope are licensed to teach the Leap ‘n Learn Curriculum

  • What is the Investment?

    We have a $65 enrolment fee which covers your insurances, music licensing and Movitae our communication App.

    Our classes are prepaid for the term via direct debit. You choose either by the term or the month. Our terms run alongside the NSW School Terms. Generally they are 10 weeks. If a term is more or less your fees will be adjusted accordingly.

    Little Leapers 2 years $140

    Leap ‘N Learn 3 yrs – $170

    Leap ‘N Learn 4 years- $200